About Us

ELITE training center is established by Mr.S.Susai Marian, native of Kanyakumari in 2003. The Institute is located at Hosur. 40 KM from Bangalore.

Chief trainer is a Post Graduate in Psychology, Sociology & Counselling Skills. He is speaking English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam & Kannada.

Over 10 years worked as HR – Manager in Bengaluru & Hosur. Having 12 years of experience in training Spoken English, Hindi & Soft Skills Training.

What are soft skills?

Soft skills are personal attributes, typically linked to how you work and interact with others, which are necessary for success and your career development. It make it easier to form relationships with other people which makes you visible for the right reasons.

For many people soft skills are the most difficult skill-set to develop.

In contrast, hard skills are teachable abilities or skills that are easy to quantify and measure. Typically, you’ll learn hard skills in online classes, in-person training, books, or on the job.